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forbidden ip address with live-build

Hi, I built live debian/ubuntu images successfully in lucid and debian testing. When running live-helper (now named live-build) the following error occurs when accessing a file in my own archive

Failed to fetch http://localhost/mydebian/pool/utils...fsg-7_i386.deb 403 Forbidden [IP: 80]

Failed to fetch http://localhost/mydebian/pool/utils...dfsg-7_all.deb 403 Forbidden [IP: 80]

The files exist and used to work when lucid was installed. I can install these files from this archive. It is just live-helper that cannot install these two files. The Packages.gz file in binary-i386 is updated and there is no problem with the archive. I can successfully install my own custom image from this very same archive.

Any help would be appreciated.

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