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Custom Debian kernel & custom string id naming

Having had issues with debian kernel 2.6.32-x, I have built a couple
of kernels in my developing machine: 2.6.34.myStringID and
2.6.36-myStringID (i.e., neither has string 686 or 486). Both
installed and working in local machine.

Nevertheless, when used to create a Debian Live image the
update-initramfs procedure is not executed by the scripts. Accordingly
initrd.img-2.6.34.myStingID or initrd.img-2.6.36-myStringID are not
created in debian_live/chroot/boot/  and that leaves an unbootable
Debian live image.

Relevant modifications to file debian_live/config/chroot:

# LB_LINUX_FLAVOURS="486 686" (hence autodetect)
LB_LINUX_PACKAGES="none" (since I place custom kernel .deb under

Is there a way around to permit flexibility in customizations of
kernel -including in its naming?

Best Professional Regards

Jose R R
IBM Lotus Symphony supported on GNU/Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
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