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Re: casper-rw location

Hi Robert,

> Imagine I have a pendrive of 512 MB with debian live standard usb
> image on it. Can i have a loopback file of 1 GB on the hard drive and
> not on the pendrive?

Yes you can, that is what I meant in my previous reply. According to
the link I sent: "... you could create a file representing a partition
and put this image file even on a NTFS partition of a foreign OS ..."

> And will the live usb search for any mountable
> partition for the live-rw file and not just on itself?

I do not know if any device is searched for the file, sorry. (The way I
understand the documentation is: the file is searched on any local
device at top level directory)


> My idea is to have multiple live-rw loopback files on different client
> machines and not all the loopback files on my pendrive...
> thanks

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