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Re: suggest

On 10/19/2010 03:02 AM, Augusto Minoru Manaka wrote:
> hello debian team!


> 1) there could be a tool to include Linux on a second partition so would
> be the first partition for winxp free to use it.

for linux, there are multiple tools already available to do that job.
don't know about windows though. even if there's nothing available for
windows, which i doubt, it's not really a problem, just a minor
inconvenience.. boot the stick once and do the setup of the second
partition with linux.

> 2) and also something that allows the remastering from a pre-created
> image can thus make changes without having to redo all steps.

we truly think that 'remastinger' is the wrong way to go. customized
system should always be bottom-up, not top-down.


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