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Bug#598991: live-build 3.0a4 exits with error when using option "--source true"

On 09.10.2010 21:42, Ben Armstrong wrote:
On 09/10/10 09:48 AM, Mark Schneider wrote:
"lb build" stopped with the following error message:

W: Failed to fetch
file:/live/image/debian/dists/sid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  File not
What, in your config, would create a Packages.gz in this location?  I
could find no option in the supplied config that would do that.  So
unless I am missing something, there is an error in your config and not
a bug here.  That is, I would expect apt to attempt to generate indices
for everything listed in /etc/apt/sources* -- isn't this what is
supposed to happen?  And yes, I see you have --binary-indices false, but
that only governs the final disposition of indices when the image is
built and does not guarantee that apt won't be run during the binary
stage.  If your intent is to add apt sources that aren't actually valid
until the image is booted, then you must defer adding the sources lines
to the binary image config until the image is booted too.

Please fill me in on anything I may have missed that would invalidate my


I didn't check the current lb code. As I have included lists of packages (in binary_local-packageslists) to be placed into the local repo (without installing them in chroot-env) I was expecting that lb would handle it to create such file (and I mean that it happens also). The problem is that the whole "/live/image/debian/..." doesn't exist when you run "apt-get update" during "lb build". In my patch (I *didn't use it* for this test) I was commenting out the active lines in "live-media.list" before the lb code executed "apt-get update" and reverting it after as I don't know enough the flow in Daniels code. I have checked it many times and it was always working for me (my patch).

This issue was just another one (s. subject line). I have had errors with "--source true" activated in the setting. With lb 3.0-a5 havn't got any errors more. I am just creating a live image with lb 2.0 to retest it
as I had in the past also troubles with creating of the source file.

Thanks a lot for your analysis.


PS. just successfully finished creating live image with current lb 2.0 (--source true) *without* any errors



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