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Re: Web boot with fetch= parameter

On 10/07/2010 01:03 PM, Nikolay Kasatkin wrote:
> Do you have any plans to extend live-build functionality to support
> web boot with fetch=http:// parameter natively?

not really, but it should be very easy to add, so why not..

> I mean that I can
> create live boot images for nfs network boot and manually replace all
> nfs mentions with fetch=http://... parameter. But it would be nice to
> have options to automatically generate such configuration files when
> running lb config && lb create.

i think there are two things here to seperate..

one is the stuff that you put on the server. that filesystem image is
different from the nebboot one; netboot contains nfs etc in initrd,
webboot doesn't. so, a webboot one would be the same as iso (content
wise, not formally, as the output would not be an iso image, but a tarball).

the other is that you still need a client image, consisting of a kernel
and initrd only, without filesystem.squashfs since that is going to be
fetched. so we would need to create an iso-hybrid images and/or usb-hdd
images for that, configured with the right fetch:// thing in the
booloader config.

is that all, or have i forgot anything, what do you think?

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