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Is live-boot-initramfs-tools multi-layer ready


Although Debian Live has not officially supported mutli-layerd stacked 
squashfs file systems building yet, it is at least capable of handling 
it. And there are unofficial tools available (http://wiki.grml.org/

My questions is, is live-boot-initramfs-tools actually ready for multi-
layer squashfs? I meant, I did a test, and it seems all stacked squashfs 
are mounted with 'rr' attribute. This will be troublesome when dealing 
with stacked squashfs that are built layer by layer. 

Why layers are built one on top of another, whiteouts files are needed. 
In order to reconstruct what they actually were, aufs need to be 
instructed to handling whiteouts files in the middle layers. Ie., an 
extra wh attribute should be used for all middle layers. From 

| wh: Readonly branch and it has/might have whiteouts on it. Aufs
| never issue write operation to this branch, but lookup for
| whiteout. Use this as ’<branch_dir>=ro+wh’.

In case for squashfs, it should be <branch_dir>=rr+wh

Please investigate. 


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