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Re: live-builder Error: "mv: cannot stat `chroot/dev/random': No such file or directory"

intrigeri wrote (25 Sep 2010 09:18:11 GMT) :
> A bit more debugging, using debootstrap 1.0.24:

> - when deboostrap'ing Lenny (), the makedev postinst creates /dev/random
> - when deboostrap'ing Squeeze, no such thing happens.

The makedev package is actually not installed in a Squeeze
deboostrapped chroot because it has priority "required" in Lenny and
"extra" in Squeeze.

This is not supposed to be a problem as debootstrap creates devices
nodes from /usr/share/debootstrap/devices.tar.gz at chroot build time.

But... while debootstrap 1.0.23 bundles a lot of devices in this
tarball, debootstrap 1.0.24 has none at all. Going to file a bug
report against it.

In the meantime, two workarounds are available: either downgrade the
build system to debootstrap 1.0.23, or use "lh config --bootstrap

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