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Re: live-builder Error: "mv: cannot stat `chroot/dev/random': No such file or directory"


Mark Schneider wrote (25 Sep 2010 06:41:58 GMT) :
> Just for a test I have upgegraded the distribution (apt-get upgrade) and removed
> "--repositories live.debian.net" from the config line of lb but the error message is
> still there:
> mv: cannot stat `chroot/dev/random': No such file or directory

> Has one of you had already such problems?

I cannot reproduce it when building T(A)ILS based on Lenny,
but I can when building against Squeeze.

A bit more debugging, using debootstrap 1.0.24:

- when deboostrap'ing Lenny (), the makedev postinst creates /dev/random
- when deboostrap'ing Squeeze, no such thing happens.

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