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Re: Live user includes get another uid:gid on the live image than the original one in config/chroot_local-includes

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On 09/24/2010 06:18 PM, Mark Schneider wrote:
> it looks for me like a bug (s. details below). I didn't check the lb
> code yet.

this is on purpose..

case "${LB_INITRAMFS}" in


if [ -d chroot/home/${LB_USERNAME} ]
»·······chown -R --quiet ${ID}:${ID} chroot/home/${LB_USERNAME}

> root@t60p:/home/ironm/lds6-amd64/chroot/home/ironm# ls -al | grep icedove
> drwx------ 3 ironm ironm 4096 24. Sep 19:23 .icedove
> root@t60p:/home/ironm/lds6-amd64/chroot/home/ironm# grep ironm /etc/passwd
> ironm:x:1000:1000:ironm,,,:/home/ironm:/bin/bash

so? why are you thinking it's a bug? it fixed the stuff correctly for you..

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