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Re: BOSS Live-installer - A GUI Live Installer for Debian and it's derivatives based on remastersys scripts

В Вто, 21/09/2010 в 08:43 +0200, Daniel Baumann пишет:

> for debian-live, we use the debian-installer in connection with
> live-installer, a udeb that allows to install a debian system from a
> filesystem image instead of debian packages. with
> debian-installer-launcher, we do even have the possibility to launch
> debian-installer from the desktop. this is the only implementation of an
> installer we will support, i suggest you have a look at it.

LiveCD Lenny are built without official installer.

LiveCD testing is constantly broken installer and problems.
No, I all understand.
I'm also writing installer. It's like an outlet for my anger.))

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