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Re: LMDE Live-Process/Installer

On 09/15/2010 05:11 PM, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> i'm downloading it right now and having a look at it. will probably come
> back with some more things :)

random notices:

  * i saw you're still using syslinux 3.x, updating to 4.x would give
    you iso-hybrid images (which you'll automatically get by e.g. using

  * i saw you're using simplemenu eventhough vgamenu looks so much
    better, and is very easy to write the config for.

  * splash seemed not to work eventhough you had 'splash' in the kernel

  * you're image is based on live-initramfs 1.236.2-1 and live-config
    2.0~a17. the current stuff works so much better, i hope you'll be
    able to update soon :))

  * the installer worked quite well, albeight it offers limited
    features compared to debian-installer that i'm used to.

  * the mintWelcome thing is very nice, i'd love to have this with
    some debian specific hanes as live-welcome or something like that
    in the archive.

otherwise.. nice preconfiguration of gnome, well done.

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