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apt-cdrom for writable media (like usb-sticks)


Colin Watson pointed out that the ident algorithm used in apt-cdrom is
not working well for writable media like usb-sticks. 

I have a branch now that changes the code so that instead of taking a
hash of "."  on the cdrom it uses ".disk" (if its there) and not take
the amount of free bytes into account. This should ensure the ident id
is more stable.

Given that currently the ident code is broken once anything gets
written to the usb-stick I'm inclined to just change the algorihtm for
"rw" media and don't bother about backward compatibility (for "ro"
media the algorithm will stay the same of course and compaitibilty is

I just wanted to double check that this will not break anything on
your side (more than its broken already :)


P.S. Please CC me on replies, I'm not on the list.

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