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USB must be mounted twice?


I am using debian lenny with live-helper 1.0.3-2 and live-initramfs 1.157.1-1. 
I am now testing kernel 2.6.32 from backports.debian.org with this setup. It works ok and boots. Only thing I had to do is install squashfs 4.0 from testing but this was compatible luckily. Also, I am using an chroot_apt/preferences file which pins the backports respository to have precedence over the lenny repository.
Now everything boots from my USB image. Then when started, I want to mount my USB stick from where I booted, this is /dev/sdb1. The first time I issue  the mount command, mount gives an error. Then when I mount it again using the exact same command, and it mounts ok...

What could be the issue here? Anybody has a clue what to check?
It is like the device is sleeping or something, but it just started up. Is it maybe that I also need a new version of udev?

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