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We know the boot option `keyboard-layouts=it', which contains only two
characters will set the keyboard to Italian. Now please, will the
following options work?

Asturian: keyboard-layouts=es_ast
Catalan: keyboard-layouts=es_cat
Dvorak: keyboard-layouts=us_dvorak
France: keyboard-layouts=fr_oss
Gujarati: keyboard-layouts=in_guj
Gurmukhi: keyboard-layouts=in_guru
Kannada: keyboard-layouts=in_kan
Kurdish: keyboard-layouts=tr_ku
Latin Amer: keyboard-layouts=latam
Malayalam: keyboard-layouts=in_mal
Maori: keyboard-layouts=mao
Saami (Fin.): keyboard-layouts=fi_smi
Saami (Nor.): keyboard-layouts=no_smi
Saami (Swe.): keyboard-layouts=se_smi
Swiss French: keyboard-layouts=ch_fr
Tamil: keyboard-layouts=in_tam
Telugu: keyboard-layouts=in_tel
Turkey (F): keyboard-layouts=tr_f
USA Intl.: keyboard-layouts=us_intl

Thanks for your help!
Teresa e Junior

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