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Re: Two typos in debian live manual and an aufs question

[ unrelated to this mail: the manual is currently down, should re-appear
in about an hour again ]

On 09/05/2010 04:01 PM, Javier Barroso wrote:
> See second example in:
> http://live.debian.net/manual/en/html-single/live-manual.html#wrapping
> Both lines display equal.

this has been fixed some time ago already, however, due to the change
from docbook to sisu, the autobuilder was not updated to cope with it
(which is what i'm doing now..).

> The second typo is in:
> http://live.debian.net/manual/en/html-single/live-manual.html#id2496959
> But I didn't convince you about that was a typo in a old thread in
> this list, but I think so yet:
> It is not true the next command sequence:
> # gparted ${USBSTICK}
> # mkfs.ext2 ${USBSTICK}

without having looked at it, what is wrong with it?

> # mount /dev/sdb2  /mnt/
> mount: /dev/sdb2 already mounted or /mnt/ busy

are you sure it's sdb2? from what you've pasted, sdb is your live media...

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