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Re: hook for timezone and sudo

On 08/28/2010 01:50 PM, Robert Spiteri wrote:
is it maybe nosudo? found it from the manual page of live-initramfs

can you please confirm? thanks

I don't have the old live-initramfs man page handy, but I don't know if that helps.  It may still be possible for people to gain root with the old package.  I simply can't remember.

live-build and live-config are current in squeeze/sid and that's what we recommend people use (even for building lenny images).  Did you say you're still building lenny images?  I thought we discussed the possibility of using squeeze, and you were going to try that out ...

If you really do need to stay with lenny, you should at least use the latest stable live-build and live-config versions in squeeze (the 2.x series).  A couple of weeks ago I would have suggested you use the live snapshots repo -r live.debian.net to accomplish this, but as that has now moved forward to the unstable 3.0 branch which is only suitable for those tracking development, we'll have to do something else.

As a workaround, you could just go to http://packages.debian.org/live-boot and http://packages.debian.org/live-config to get the latest squeeze versions of these packages and drop them in your config/chroot_local-packages/ directory.

Or if you would just build squeeze images instead, it would solve a number of issues for you (the things we discussed earlier this week) as well as this one, without any workaround needed.  live-initramfs in squeeze is now just a transitional metapackage that installs live-build and live-config, and 'noroot' is supported with these newer packages.


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