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My feetback related to Debian Squeeze in general

Dear core developers of this ammazing Linux distribution,
    When i have tried to install Debian Squeeze Alpha for The first time, i have find out, that it is The best Linux distro awailable in The World, which can full all my needs related to computer usability.
1. Security restrictions such as in Fedora are not presented, so user can login as root user and can use at-spi assistive technology to access information
2. Totem-mozilla plugins are preconfigured very professionally, Totem Movie player is awailable by default, so i can listen many Internet radio and TV stations.
3. Adobe flash player can be installed without need to use packaging management system to install other necessary components.
4. You are including ALSA sound server and Espeak latest awailable stable version prcompiled like a package.
5. Speech-dispatcher is being updated always to it's most stable release.
6. Kernel modules, which are being responsible for autodetecting new hardware devices are setup so Speakup screen reader can be used for fetching important information, which devices have been automatically detected and preconfigured.
Please, if some very power company will not force Yours development team, please do not break this feature of Debian Squeeze. Thank's to The fact, that modules can send information about newly recognized devices in accessible form for Speakup, Debian Squeeze distribution can be even used by visually impaired users for getting information about USB or other hardware devices. Because in some cases, visually impaired user have no sighted assistance, who would read The description and model of The installed device and OCR is not very reliable for those tasks.
7. The Espeak and Orca is having very fast responsiveness, while pressing various arrow keys while working with Gnome menu accessed by pressing ALT+F1. This is not possible in Ubuntu Lucid.
8. Debian Squeeze thank's to ammazing phylosophy, based on The procedure using official packages shipped with Gnome without making complex at-spi related support modiffication is thank's to it The bestly accessible Linux distribution while using The applications which are running as root.
I believe, that somebody of us would help me to install Debian Squeeze successfully. Before i have made a remaster of previously successfully created installation, i wanted to give it up. But author of Remastersys published, that grub-legacy must be installed before installing Remastersys. And thank's to his advice, i could install Debian Squeeze Alpha1. But only for once.
    Please, try somebody The remastersys. You can also help it§s  author if You will repair Bash and Perl scripts, if You will find, that used algorithms for making installation are not working correctly.
Please believe me, that also many sighted users like Remastersys installer thank's to it's simplicity. Lets cooperate together, Remastersys is also free product, based on GNU, so why not to consider cooperation.
Official installer, which is now The part of Debian can be kept but support for Remastersys would be improved.

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