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Kind pleasment, help me to install Debian Alpha Squeeze successfully

Dear core developers of Debian live,
    I AM very unhappy, that i can not use Remastersys installer to perform The installation of Debian Squeeze successfully. I have tried to install Debian ALPHA2 Squeeze by using officiall installer. I have prevented from using USB installers for WIndows and i have tried to burn .iso to blank DVD and i have tried to perform The installation by using DVD. I have tried to do this from running live Gnome while booting from live DVD, without success. I have occurred problems  while i could not oriented in The Partitioning tool included with installer.
I have also tried to install Alpha 1 by using boot option install, while using DVD also.
Unfortunately, eventhough i have completed The installation successfully, i could not boot to The installed system after restart The computer.
The only one successfully created installation have been made by Remastersys installer while using USB flash disk with Debian Alpha1. But unfortunately, somebody have changed The packages on which Remastersys installer depend on, and during July month, The installation is not possible also by using this ammazing and simple tool not only for visually impaired users.
Yesterday, i have tried to use Alpha1 and i have installed Grub-legacy before installing Remastersys package by using Remastersys Debian Squeeze repository for this task.
Installation have been completed successfully, but after rebooting, Grub is displaing error message, that some file could not be found.
I AM pleasing Yours development team for analysing .zip file created by compressing Boot folder, which have been created on my harddrive by using Remastersys Installer. Would somebody try to find The cause of my problems?
When i Am holding enter key, i do not hear The beeps of internal speaker, so i think, that Grub is initiated, but kernel modules are not being loaded to The RAM.
The link, which I AM sending will redirect You to
This is ammazing file upload service with only a little ads and with fast upload and downloadsupport. You will have to enter Yours E-mail address to get direct link.
The server is using Debian and specialised tools for generating time limited direct download links for getting stored files from filehosting.org. So i can not give You a direct link for getting .zip file, because server is changing The code of direct link after several minutes.
If somebody of us knows about fast other HTTP or FTP hosting service, please let me know. Without size limits and for free. I have not been able to find other so reliable and free file hosting service. Excepts
This file hosting service is unfortunately including many ADS related to hazart and i think, that this service will be cancelled very soon, because it is containing engine for searching files, which other users stored on it.
So download link for my compressed boot folder is
And here is unfortunately ad-aware original link, if sid will change before somebody of use will have A chance to download .zip file.
I cann give Yours development team my IP address if somebody of us trinks, that would help me remotely.
Thank You very, very much for any help provided.

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