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Re: Starting bash script upon bootup

> On Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 01:51:54PM -0500, Tim Legg wrote:
>> Hello,
>> What is a recommended way of executing an interactive bash script
>> automatically upon boot-up on a live system?
> What do you mean by "interactive"? Where does this interaction happen?
It is a script that interacts with the user.  This is usually run from the
command line, but I would like to spare the user of such a step and have
it start on its own after boot.

I would have it called from bottom of /home/user/.bashrc, but that file
doesn't exist until after lh_build is executed.

>> In the past, I've kept the script in /bin and the user boots from the CD
>> and executes the script.  I think it would be cool if I could remove a
>> step and have the script start itself for the user.
> When / if the script exists, what should happen:
> * Restart the script
> * Start a shell
> * Shutdown the system?

This is a bash script that I expect to be owned by user.  When/if the
script exits, going back to the shell is fine.

> Is this a system based on Lenny or Squeeze? (in case of Squeese: is
> upstart used?)
This is Lenny (stable)
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