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Re: A django and LAMP server based on debian live

To reduce the ISO download/upload size, i had to cut down many options. One of them was the kernel source and patches..

To know more of the kernel and its source, please see this page - http://code.google.com/p/indiaforcekernel/

You can get the hardened kernel image in the /usr/src directory of the live CD. You will need to install the live cd first and then use dpkg -i /usr/src/lin* to install the grsec patched kernel.

Also check the /opt for some addition files you might require to run the OSQA.net Stack Overflow django app. You will need to install the Django 1.1 version provided in /opt Or you can test/write your app using default django too..


2010/8/5 Marco Amadori <amadorim@vdavda.com>
In data giovedì 5 agosto 2010 09:05:53, surreal ha scritto:

> i have added a new hardened kernel
> (http://code.google.com/p/indiaforcekernel/
> ) , new version of django(1.1) and some django apps (from osqa.net) not
> available in debian stable (lenny)..

> can i add the link of this cd to the wiki -
> live.debian.net/project/downstream, ??

I was not able to find the sources of the .debs available in the download
section (the orig.tar and .dsc files) and not the patches applied to the
"hardened" kernel.


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Harshad Joshi

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