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Bug#576583: live-helper: config: --binary usb-hdd --linux-flavours 486 conflict

Op 20100405 om 22:01 schreef Geert Stappers:
> Anyway: `lh config --binary usb-hdd --linux-flavours 486`
> triggers a warning about a bootloader ...
> |$ sudo lh config --binary usb-hdd --linux-flavours 486
> |P: Considering defaults defined in /etc/default/live-helper
> |W: You have selected values of LH_BOOTLOADER and LH_BINARY_FILESYSTEM
> |which are incompatible - syslinux only supports FAT filesystems.
> |P: Creating config tree

Gone with `lh config --binary-image usb-hdd --linux-flavours 486`

It seems that '--binary' becomes '--binary-filesystem'

I think '--binary' should yield an error.
Only '--binary-image' and '--binary-filesystem' are valid.

Geert Stappers

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