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Re: Bug#574584: module-init-tools: modprobe is too chatty with parse_toplevel_config and parse_kcmdline

* Chung-chieh Shan <ken@digitas.harvard.edu> [Thu Mar 18, 2010 at 11:43:37PM -0700]:

> After I added "i915.modeset=1" to my kernel cmdline today, modprobe
> started printing "options i915 modeset=1" to stdout whenever it is
> invoked (even just to add or remove a non-existent module, add an
> already-loaded module, or remove a never-loaded module).  Further
> investigation revealed that "modprobe -c" repeats the first few hundred
> lines of its config output.  I am not so familiar with the internals
> of modprobe, but perhaps the following patch is the right fix to both
> problems?

Addon: initramfs related scripts that use a modprobe call in a
function that's being evaluated in another one, but don't redirect
stdout to /dev/null can seriously fail due to this behaviour.

Cc-ing debian-live, as they might be interested in this issue as
well, for now the following patch addresses this issue for



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