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Using preseeded debian-live image to netboot a beowulf-like system

Hi all.

I've been tasked to setup, deploy and support a beowulf-style cluster, and 
came with the following plan:

- FAI as the deployment system
- Debian-live as the base for a customized netboot image, with all the 
packages already installed, configured and 'locale-purged' .
- tftp, bootp and dhcp to serve the files
- CFengine or puppet for any post-boot configuration needed.
- pdsh for a parallel shell .
- The rest of the softwares used here, accessed by nfs.

Does anybody have ever done something similar? I've seen some reports on FAI 
website, using grml and knoppix images to boot ltsp desktops, so i suppose it 
is doable. Any comments, tips and links are very very much appreciated.

Thank you, and my apologies if the subject doesn't fit exactly with the purpose 
of the list.

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