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New on this list | Dutch/European

Hi all,

Last weekend I joined this mailinglist on Debian Live, I've read about the
background, the philosophy and there's a lot more to read. May I briefly
introduce myself?

Name: Fred Wolt-Duncan
Age: 41
Residing in: Groningen, The Netherlands
Hobbies, etc.: food (vegatarian), booze, underground culture, computers,
FOSS, Zenwalk Linux, ancient hardware.

Webdesign has been a hobby of mine and I do have my own domain name
(webmavenue). At home I've got a few PC's from a previous century :)

Just over two weeks ago I was dumping some old paper and bottles in
containers for recycling. What did I see there, a computer. At first I
thougt, probably it's an empty case. But no ...

That's how I got a more modern PC. Built in 2003, with an AMD Athlon XP
1800+ on an ASUS motherboard. There was Windows XP on the HD, which I
swiftly removed.

Last year I started an attempt to switch to Linux. On Distrowatch dot com
I found a distribution suitable for older systems, Zenwalk Linux
(Slackware based). Version 6.2 works just fine on and older PC.

I would like to learn about other distro's, like Debian. That's why I've
joined this mailinglist. Probably I won't write much, but I'll be there
reading what other people contribute.

Cheers from the North of Holland, Fred.

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