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Re: howto improve speed of lh build with more RAM

>> i want to speed up the generation of new debianlive images.
> there are a couple of things you can improve:
>    * use most recent live-helper (from sid)

[x] done

>    * make sure you have a local mirror accessible

[x] done 

>    * use tmpfs for the build directory

That sounds interesting. Is there a parameter to set the build
directory? I could format the ramdisk to tmpfs and mount it to

Now i need something like 
lh config --build-dir /var/local/deblive/build

>    * build within a chroot, install auxiliary programs in that chroot,
>      and disable chrooted build in live-helper.

How is that done? 
Does that mean it works like this:

lh config...
lh build
[chroot-dir remains]
[now chroot to chroot-dir and change something]
[exit chroot]
lh build 
[if chroot is messed up or many new packages in the release, make a lh
clean and start again with fresh chroot-dir]

> if those doesn't help, the only thing to improve is, to buy faster 
> hardware (e.g. more disks), or reconfigure it (e.g. raid0).

[x] CPU is one of the latest Intel Core duo. I will try to use a raid0,
but i think a ramdisk would be a lot better.

Thank you for your quick answers and for maintaining that nice project.

Jonas Stein <news@jonasstein.de>

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