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Re: panic if module= is specified

In data lunedì 22 marzo 2010 18:29:27, Luigi Capriotti ha scritto:

> This has always worked up until a recent change (I'm not able to
> pinpoint which one, though); today I tried with initramfs HEAD and init
> cannot mount the filesystems:
> + mount -t aufs -o
> noatime,dirs=/cow=rw://nvidia.ext3=rr,noxino://filesystem.squashfs=rr,noxin
> o aufs /root
> mount: mounting aufs on /root failed: Invalid argument

noxino should not be mixed in the aufs directory sppecifications, better to 
use something like:

-o noatime,noxino,dirs=/cow=rw://nvidia.ext3=rr://filesystem.squashfs=rr

I'lll prepare a patch to ease the merge, thanks for reporting it.

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