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panic if module= is specified

My Kernel cmdline includes module=nvidia, where nvidia.module is in /live and contains two lines:


and /live/restrictedDrivers/nvidia.ext3 is a proper loopfile.

This has always worked up until a recent change (I'm not able to pinpoint which one, though); today I tried with initramfs HEAD and init cannot mount the filesystems:

+ mount -t aufs -o noatime,dirs=/cow=rw://nvidia.ext3=rr,noxino://filesystem.squashfs=rr,noxino aufs /root
mount: mounting aufs on /root failed: Invalid argument

I tried removing the module= and the system boots fine, ditto if I rename nvidia.ext3 so that it's not found by live script.

Looking forward to your advices.

Luigi Capriotti

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