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Re: PPC port

This is really accindental!! I was writing a manual on something very
similar yesterday on my own website, have a look here:

I am now trying to put the lxde-lenny.iso on a stick and see if I can
boot it.

Op 22/3/2010 schreef "Daniel Baumann" <daniel@debian.org>:

>On 03/22/2010 06:40 PM, Jeroen Diederen wrote:
>> What is it what you like me to do ? Make the iso bootable
>> on USB or via the net ? Can you be a bit more precise ? I am willing to
>> help.
>this is great, thanks in advance already.
>i have a ppc myself, but not much clue about what needs to be done and
>how to get usb images to work, and this is imho the most important issue
>outstanding on ppc.
>therefore, i'd like to know:
>if i have a usb stick, and copy the content of the iso image (not
>the image itself) onto it:
>   * how does the partition layout need to look like? what partition
>     type, filesystem, and flags (if any), etc.
>   * how to configure yaboot, anything different than what we do on
>     iso images?
>once I know that, i think i can patch live-helper quite quickly to
>automate it.
>also, apart from the 'short' time help with above issues, it would be
>very nice if you could help testing and verifying powerpc images in a
>more long-time fashion. maybe you eve want to build custom ones yourself
>with live-helper.
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