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Re: PPC port

On 03/22/2010 06:40 PM, Jeroen Diederen wrote:
What is it what you like me to do ? Make the iso bootable
on USB or via the net ? Can you be a bit more precise ? I am willing to

this is great, thanks in advance already.

i have a ppc myself, but not much clue about what needs to be done and how to get usb images to work, and this is imho the most important issue outstanding on ppc.

therefore, i'd like to know:

if i have a usb stick, and copy the content of the iso image (not
the image itself) onto it:

  * how does the partition layout need to look like? what partition
    type, filesystem, and flags (if any), etc.

  * how to configure yaboot, anything different than what we do on
    iso images?

once I know that, i think i can patch live-helper quite quickly to automate it.

also, apart from the 'short' time help with above issues, it would be very nice if you could help testing and verifying powerpc images in a more long-time fashion. maybe you eve want to build custom ones yourself with live-helper.


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