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Re: PPC port

On 22 March 2010 14:25, Jeroen Diederen <jjhdiederen@zonnet.nl> wrote:
> Hi list members,
> I am new here. I have been working with Linux and PPC for some time now
> and I think I have the ability to go a bit deeper now. I would like to
> start a Debian liveCD for PPC Apple computers. I don't know if someone
> else has already started working on this. If so, please let me know then
> I can maybe join that project. Can someone point me to the right
> websites to read, to get started ? I just printed the Debian Live
> Manual, which gives a sort of summary, but is by far not complete to get
> started. I am not a programmer, if such skills are required, then this
> is not for me. Can someone please shed some light on this?

I vaguely recall somebody talking about ppc debian-live CDs.

The difference is basically in bootloader and perhaps some tweaks to
make things working on the hardware (like kernel parameters or X

To make this work you need the skill to resolve general system
configuration issues like you do when you install Linux normally and
some shell scripting helps but you can always consult somebody on



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