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Bug#572917: ntfs-3g needed to prevent "incorrect mount option" error during automount of NTFS media

Package: live-helper
Version: 1.0.3-2

I recently used the Debian Live 503 AMD64 Gnome Desktop image to repartition a Windows 7 machine with `gparted`. It basically worked well, except that during the repartitioning of my main hard disk, `/dev/sda`, when I was resizing an NTFS partition and making room for swap and ext3 partitions, a number of error dialogs popped open which read "incorrect mount option". The error messages seemed to be unimportant, though, as `gparted` was able to complete all of the operations successfully. Also, the error dialogs were not generated by `gparted` itself because `gparted` continued while I was reading and closing them.

Later, when I attached a USB external hard disk to the machine (still running Debian Live), I saw the same error message. This disk had a small FAT16 partition, but was mostly NTFS. I wanted to be able to edit the contents of the NTFS partition of the external disk, so I installed `ntfs-3g`. When I unplugged the external disk, and re-plugged it back in, the disk was automatically mounted and an icon appeared on my desktop for the disk. This led me to the conclusion that an automount operation was trying to mount with type `ntfs-3g`, but the package was not installed. Indeed, looking through the source lists (http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/release/current-live/source/tar/), the `ntfs-3g` package is only included with the rescue version of Debian Live.

I think that to prevent these types of problems, the `ntfs-3g` package should be included with all Debian Live versions.

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