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Re: 1TB USB HD doesn't boot

> Was the 1TB hard drive mounted when tried to dd the image to it?  If so,
> that can toast your attempt at copying the data.  Many Debian installation
> using X windows will automatically mount a USB device once it is plugged
> in.  I have been screwed up like that a couple times.
You are absolutely right. The same happened to me as I dd'ed the image the first time :)
ls showed me a screwed up directory. The next tries I made sure nothing was mounted.

> Here are some things to try.  I will assume you are familiar with tools
> such as dd, df, mount, fdisk and the linux device (/dev) tables
yes, it's not the first time I'm using them. (actually i'm working with linux over 10 years now)

> ---------------
> Boot from the 4GB drive rescue image.  Attach the 1TB hard disk.  When you
> get the device name (i.e. sdb, sdc) type:
> fdisk -l /dev/sdb  (or whatever the device name is)
> (The parameter to fdisk is -l as in the letter L, not a number 1)
> You can compare the the output of fdisk of the two drives and see if they
> are similar.
> You can use fdisk to toggle partitions as bootable.  That might have been
> unset when you added the second partition.
Also that I double checked twice and the partition was flagged as active.
But I also tried to boot it without doing changes on the partition table after dd'ing the image.

> Tim Legg
>> I have a 1TB external USB-HD and would like to have debian rescue as boot
>> partition and the rest as ext3 partition.
>> I can't boot from the USB-HD. I tried the same image with my 4GB USB
>> FlashStick and it worked.
>> Can anyone give me a hint how to get the usb-hd booting?
>> cheers Kai
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