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Re: Suppress kernel messages on the sytem console

Tzafrir Cohen skrev:
> On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 04:44:07PM +0100, Olof Tångrot wrote:
>> Daniel Baumann skrev:
>>> Olof Tångrot wrote:
>>>> Is there some kind of kernel option that can be set by syslinux or any
>>>> other way to suppress the kernel messages?
>>> boot with 'quiet' and set a custom printk value in /etc/sysctl.conf.
>> Somehow both these suggestions has the unwanted side effect that a
>> diskmounter script run from rc.local has become unstable.
>> Most of the time it fails to mount the extra partition but if I mounted
>> manually before reboot it might pass.
>> If I restore sysctl.conf or remove quiet from the boot options the
>> system behaves as before.
>> Any tips on what might be wrong are welcome.
> On our system where we have text-based menus on the first console, but
> where kernel messages may often be informative, I redirect them to a
> different virtual console with setlogcons:
>   setlogcons 10  # redirect messages to /dev/tty10
> If you ever need to restore:
>   setlogcons ''  # redirect console messages to /dev/tty (the default)
> I do that in a init script script rather late in the boot process.
Thanks, but 'setlogcons n' had not the desired effect. I tried this
after boot but the kernel messages still appears on the serial console.

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