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Re: How-to set static IP address for debian live image

Daniel Baumann wrote:
Jonathan Murray wrote:
ii  initramfs-tools                      0.92o tools for generating an

live-initramfs, not initramfs-tools.



then run lh_clean
then lh_build

in this case, rebuilding the binary image would have been enough:

lh clean --binary
lh binary

it seems to take that and use it in the image now. However, the user has
decided they need to be able to change that address at will and remember
those changes for next boot, so I don't think I can use live debian for
this application. He wants parts of the filesystem to be changeable,
like for example, /etc. So I don't think this will cut it.

have you read about persistency in the manual?

Thanks for the tip Daniel. I looked at:

but I couldn't connect the dots..I seem to need a bit more detail.

Also looked at:


Not quite there on how to get all the pieces together yet. It's not clear to me how the grub stuff off the host system can work on the flash, they're completely different.

We're loading it onto a flash card and trying to make it configurable (/etc/network/interfaces, mostly)

I can get it to boot off the compact flash no problem, it's trying to get /etc into it's own writeable partition that has been problematic/impossible so far. We're trying to isolate anything that writes to the CF to help wear leveling/longevity.



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