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Re: How-to set static IP address for debian live image

Jonathan Murray wrote:
> ii  initramfs-tools                      0.92o tools for generating an
> initramfs

live-initramfs, not initramfs-tools.



> then run lh_clean
> then lh_build

in this case, rebuilding the binary image would have been enough:

lh clean --binary
lh binary

> it seems to take that and use it in the image now. However, the user has
> decided they need to be able to change that address at will and remember
> those changes for next boot, so I don't think I can use live debian for
> this application. He wants parts of the filesystem to be changeable,
> like for example, /etc. So I don't think this will cut it.

have you read about persistency in the manual?


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