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Re: RFC: live-initramfs 2.x features

Daniel Baumann wrote:
As a first step, I'd like to gather a list of features (not their
- Timestamps in /var/log/debug.log (much more an initramfs-tools issue than a live-initramfs issue !)


I use this patch in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/functions:

       if [ "$quiet" = "y" ]; then return; fi
-       grep now /proc/sched_debug
       echo "$@"

For my Ubuntu 9.10/casper (built using lh-helper !) I can use the computer 45s after starting the boot-loader. Timing is approximatively

- loading kernel and initrd (not accounted for)
- kernel : 4s
- waiting for USB to show-up 5s
- mounting aufs stack 1s
- casper-bottom: 15s
- starting real system: less than 20s

I discovered that the more time hungry scripts in casper-bottom are for finishing the job that should have been done at lh_helper time, when building liveSystem. This is not so an issue with Debian/Lenny/Live-helper/live-initramfs: it seems that all stuff that can be avoided at boot time is done at Live-helper time.

By the way, live_helper is so fine that some ones may want to use it to make all fine tuning in it and remove all flexibility from live-initramfs in order to speed up boot time.


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