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Bug#566838: live-helper: clears apt cache before running chroot hooks

tag 566838 pending

Michal Suchanek wrote:
> The apt cache is cleared before running local chroot hooks.

every helper is restoring/saving the cache on it's own (see
Restore_cache and Save_cache calls). and currently only those helpers
that install .debs do make use of the .deb caches.

lh_chroot_*hooks is one of those helpers that does not use the .deb
cache at all, why should it, it's not installing packages?
and it should not install packages anyway, those should be added in

...and now that i'm writing this, i just remember that we have example
hooks that compile kernel modules (and therefore fetch kernel headers).

so, will add it in git in a few minutes.. thanks for bringing it up ;)

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