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Re: mesahes and modules!

Anthony Sales wrote:
> Hi Daniel or should I say 'Panthera'!

as we are not on irc, Daniel is both fine and appropriate.

> Regarding the number of characters per line I always though it was 80 characters

for email, it is 72 per some rfc. but even 80 chars is better than no
line breaks at all (which your previous mails had).

btw, full quote on bottom sucks too. if you have spare time and want to
do something good to others, read the following wikipedia page:


almost everywhere, trimmed bottom posted inline replies are the way to go.

> Regarding the speakup module, as far as I understand itthe version of speakup available
> in lenny does not support espeakup, which is why I installed it from the git
> repository. I think the version in Squeeze  might do be I don't intend to upgrade
> until Squeeze becomes stable.

ok. i personally would go with backports in such cases, but given that
mine are not ready yet (they will be in a week or two), backporting it
yourself might be too much work and you might be better off
workarounding it the way you do.

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