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Re: Live CD display issues


Thanks for the note.  Some questions.  If the bootloader gets the
setting right, why can't the rest of the code get it right?  In both
cases, the video has to be set up correctly to work.  I realize that the
xorg code is being used for display, but it still seems illogical that
one part works, while the other doesn't. 

I looked at the parameters file and the manpage, tried different
resolutions, but no change in the results.  Tried to request the vesa
driver, but no change as well.

I guess I don't understand why this should be a problem.  My
understanding was that all video cards support at least 800x600 with a
generic driver.  If that is true, then there should be some video,
unless the video probe is trying to use a non-generic driver and it is
completely wrong.

Either way, this is a problem needs to get fixed.  The point of a livecd
is to show off the Debian distribution and make people want to use it. 
That won't happen if there is no video, and no reasonably easy
work-around.  I'll be happy to do some testing if that helps.  And I'll
be happy to stick with Debian if the video can be made to work well.

The video cards are:
* 3Dfx Voodoo 3, 32 MB RAM.  The driver Puppy uses is tdfx.  The display
is 1280x1024.  

Thanks for the help.


On Fri, 16 Oct 2009 16:37 +0200, "Daniel Baumann" <daniel@debian.org>
> dave boland wrote:
> > So, I have a question to all.  How is it possible to show the graphical
> > Debian logo, provide a livecd menu, and NOT have the VESA (safe mode)
> > driver work?
> because the two things are totally unreleated - one is the bootloader,
> one is X11.
> > This mail-group may not be the correct place to
> > discuss this issue, so by all means provide a name and e-mail address
> > and I will gladly ask the question to that person.
> this is the right location.
> > I searched for cheat codes, or boot parameters,
> > but didn't find any.
> see parameters.txt on any generated live media, and/or live-initramfs
> manpage. you probably want xdriver=vesa or something like that.
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