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Re: local package lists

On 2009-09-20 Diederik de Haas wrote:
> But in the resulting image the part identified by "#for compiling stuff"
>  (from minimal) isn't  installed, except psmisc since that's a dependency
>  of iceweasel.
> At first I also had "linux-headers-$(ARCHITECTURE)" at the end and thought
>  that that may caused the  failure, but after removing and lh_clean --purge
>  and a lh_build, those (other) packages are still nog part of the live cd.
> Is there something wrong about my local packelist file? If so what and how
>  to fix it?
I've found the cause of this issue:
There needs to be a linebreak after your last line.
So if you're editing your packagelist in kwrite and have line-numbering on and you have a line with 
packages on line 15, make sure kwrite is also indicating line 16, otherwise the last line is 

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