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local package lists


I've created 2 local package lists to override the once provided so it does more 'my thing'.
# my minimal - package list for live-helper(7)

## LH: Minimal

eject file sudo

#additional packages
at bash-completion  debian-faq doc-debian fuse-utils htop less lsof 
mime-support mlocate ncftp ntfs-3g openssh-client pciutils time
#for compiling stuff
build-essential module-assistant patch psmisc

# /usr/share/live-helper/lists/kde-core - package list for live-helper(7)

## LH: KDE Core
#include <standard-x11>

#if DISTRIBUTION etch lenny
#if DISTRIBUTION squeeze sid

And then execute the following command:
lh_config --mirror-bootstrap ""; --mirror-binary 
"http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/"; --mirror-binary-security "http://security.debian.org"; --apt 
aptitude --apt-recommends disabled --linux-flavours 686 --categories "main contrib non-free" -d sid -
p kde-core --packages "kdepim kinfocenter gwenview kamera digikam ksnapshot okular gimp kopete 
konversation iceweasel flashplugin-nonfree krdc avahi-discover kmix smplayer ark zip unzip rar unrar 
bzip2 kdeplasma-addons plasma-scriptengines"

But in the resulting image the part identified by "#for compiling stuff" (from minimal) isn't 
installed, except psmisc since that's a dependency of iceweasel.
At first I also had "linux-headers-$(ARCHITECTURE)" at the end and thought that that may caused the 
failure, but after removing and lh_clean --purge and a lh_build, those (other) packages are still 
nog part of the live cd.

Is there something wrong about my local packelist file? If so what and how to fix it?


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