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Re: Video not working on 5.01

I have found this with normal Debian (ie: not Debian-live) on similar hardware ( TNT2 16MB ). The fix for me was to reboot into Windows and then I could reboot again back to Debian and it would work correctly with no configuration changes.

I never did find the root cause of the problem but I suspect it is the 'nv' drivers. Back then I didn't know how to read the xorg errors properly. Probably the best option is to try the 'vesa' drivers to begin troubleshooting. Sorry that this doesn't help a great deal but I suppose it gives you somewhere to start.


Daniel Baumann wrote:
dave boland wrote:
Neither the default or safe mode would produce a video display other
than the cursor.

just to be sure: did it fail to give any output at all, not even kernel
messages when booting? or did 'just' x11 not work?

if it's 'only' x11 resp. xorg that is not able to start, you can try
skipping the automatic detection and passing xdriver=${DRIVERNAME} as
boot parameter (where you have to replace ${DRIVERNAME} with the name of
the matching driver for your card, which i don't remember offhand which
one it is).

I have to say that I'm very disappointed in the result, but hopefully it
is something simple.

i'm sorry too, but xorg auto-configuration is not anything that we
handle ourselfs, we just let the postinst script of xorg handle all the
magic. it's always easy to say that (and doesn't help you much), but
it's most likely not our fault here.

please let me know about if the xdriver= worked out for you. also, it
would make sense to submit a bug report against xorg. and, unrelated to
that, it might even be the case, that the new xorg uploaded to
stable-proposed-uploads (that will be part of lenny 5.0.3) already has a
fix for it. updated images for 5.0.2 will be soon available as well,
where it would be great if you could have a try again with those.


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