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Re: Installing from a livecd

Hello Daniel,
I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean. If I start booting from my livecd I get the Debian splash screen and a boot prompt. There I can enter e.g. "live toram". But I don't get a boot menu. Could you tell me what you mean or what I have to do to get this boot menu? 

I read about live-initramfs, especially:


    Configure the running locale as specified, if not present the live-media rootfs configured locale will be used and if also this one misses live-initramfs behave as "locale=en_US.UTF-8" was specified. If only 2 lowercase letter are specified (like "it"), the "maybe wanted" locale is generated (like en:EN.UTF-8), in this case if also "keyb=" is unspecified is set with those 2 lowercase letters (keyb=us). Beside that facility, only UTF8 locales are supported by live-initramfs.

Is this the right way? But then I don't know how to enter this boot option in a correct way. The boot option "live debian-installer" doesn't start the installer.

Do I have to add another package to my livecd, not the "debian-installer" only? Thank you for your help,

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