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Re: usb sticks

So what you are saying is that using "dd" is not a really good system to make the usb stick?

If I have an image file of 200MB, then...
- If I have stick A which is 512MB, and 100% fine, no bad sectors, it will work
- If I have same stick B, but a few bad sectors => the image will not work ok?
   => is the solution to make stick B work: => format stick B manually, install the syslinux bootloader and copy the files to it? Is that a better system?

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Umarzuki Mochlis wrote:

2009/6/16 Tom Deblauwe <tom.deblauwe@telenet.be>

I am using fat32 as a resulting binary image filesystem. My question is: If I copy the binary.img image to different types of sticks(512MB, 1GB, 2GB,...) and different brands, using "dd", will there ever be a problem with sector sizes or something like that? Maybe when writing on the disk again? I am not saying I have this particular problem, but I'm only wondering..

if you dumped the image onto a smaller sized media than the original, lost of data is possible. If the intended destination is having a bad sector, the process will ended up prematurely.

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