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Re: [PATCHES] fix for Ubuntu support, live-initramfs

Steven Shiau wrote:
> From http://aufs.sourceforge.net/
> Note: it becomes clear that "Aufs was rejected. Let's give it up."
> According to Christoph Hellwig, linux rejects all union-type filesystems
> but UnionMount.

i might be wrong, but isn't that why there's aufs2?

> Therefore in the future, maybe it's better that live-initramfs can
> support unionfs-fuse, and unionmount.

even tough having unionfs-fuse optionally arround would be nice, i'd
always prefere kernel based union (as long as it's
possible/maintainable). it's way faster, and pulling in fuse into the
initrd is quite much (for systems with low ram).

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