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Re : rebuilding a livecd

To add new packages to your live, lh_clean --binary will not be enough,
you should run lh_clean,
when you want want to add a lot of packages, modifying the list which is in /usr/share/live-helper/lists/your_list is a convenient way to do it.

 --- En date de : Mar 5.5.09, Don Raikes <DON.RAIKES@oracle.com> a écrit :

De: Don Raikes <DON.RAIKES@oracle.com>
Objet: rebuilding a livecd
À: debian-live@lists.debian.org
Date: Mardi 5 Mai 2009, 11h35


Now that I have created my first livecd with live-helper, I want to add a couple more packages to it. What is the easiest way to do this?

Should I simply edit the config/chroot file and add the packages to the LH_CHROOT_PACKAGES line?

Also what is the minimum amount of cleaning that needs to be done to the build tree e.g. do I have to run lh_clean --all , or can I just do something like lh_clean --binary?

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