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Re: new live concept

maybe my English is very bad and I have not explained well!

@Marco i'm giving all the info to those who ask me... I'm also trying to put online as soon as possible all the material for a confrontation. I cited you just because you're one of the developer (so you know all the things Debian Live can do) and you're italian (so you can understand better than other the wiki i'm writing for the exam). I am truly sorry if I put you in trouble.

I'll read the manual of Debain Live asap because i'm very interested in this project.


2009/4/22 Marco Amadori <amadorim@vdavda.com>
On Tuesday 21 April 2009, 19:32:53, Vito Tafuni wrote:

> i don't know if live-helper can do that...
> but I've talked with Marco Amadori and he will tell you

I didn't have any insight from him about those issues, and please do not cite
me instead of giving informations to those who gently ask you.

> for the *concrete* things i'll put online all the file asap so it'll be
> more "tangible" (gpll is still a work in progress)

It would be nicer if you had a shot at the online Manual [0]
 before imagining what Debian Live could not do that your system could.

[0] http://live.debian.net/manual/html/about.html#motivation


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