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Re: new live concept

2009/4/21 Vito Tafuni <vitotafuni@gmail.com>:
> ok but you have a specific image for the cd (iso) and for usb-hdd (img)
> my distro is only a iso!
usb-hdd image allow to create partitions in binary.img for example.

> if you burn the iso on a cd the distro starts from a cd
Like Debian Live.

> if you put the iso on a usb-hdd (and install grub on the device) the distro
> starts from the usb-hdd without the need to "dd if=binary.img
> of=${USBSTICK}"
Like Debian Live :
mount binary.iso, copy on usb-hdd, install grub and it's works.

Address of your project ?
Yohann L.
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