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Re: Little help with configuration needed.

Ja wrote:
> how do I prevent debian live from automatically logging in into "user" account and whats the "user" account password?

check manpage of live-initramfs.

> Is it safe to delete this account and create new one to setup everything correctly?

if you disable autologin and sudo through boot parameters, then yes.

> Is debian live safe as a server or should I set something up (except sudoers, to ask for a password, and correct sshd setting)?

apart from the things you mentioned, it's as safe as a non-life debian.

> Is it ok to use NTFS harddrive for web server and mysql data?

although ntfs-3g is pretty good these days for writing to ntfs
partitions, i see no rational reason to use anything else than ext3
assumed that you have the choice (and are not forced to use ntfs for
some other reasons).

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